New York Witch Festival
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Welcome to the New York Witch Festival!

The New York Witch Festival is one of the largest most well known Witch events worldwide!

The first anual New York Witch Festival began in 2005.
This Festival has been running for the past seven years and has since become one of the biggest most well known Pagan events worldwide.
This event takes place the last Saturday of October in celebration and in honor of Samhain.

The New York Witch Festival offers workshops with many well known authors, book signings, many vendors offering the widest varity of quality merchandise, tarot readers, workshops, musical entertainment, astrology, healers, and so much more! Join us for Long Islands biggest and only New York Witch festival! Donít miss out on the biggest event of the year. The event is an all day affair from 9-5 with a full schedule of events for the entire day! A spectacular event for the entire family. It is a non-alcoholic event where everyone can enjoy a full day of festivities.

Admission at the door
Adults $20.00 each
Children under age 12 Free

The New York Witch Festival is Sponsored by
 Bonnie Marchione
Owner of Crescent MoonGoddess
(3rd Degree Alexandrian High Priestess)

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Thanks for visiting the New York Witch Festival. The only place to go to have a Wiccan good time! For more information email us at:

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