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Running With The Wolfs

ABOUT US: "Running With The Wolves" was established over 7 years ago for the sheer love & passion for Wolves. Owned & operated by

Teresa DeMaio, certified Pet Care Specialist & Wildlife Handler. I have spent over 20 years raising & training Siberian Huskies &

supporting Wolf organizations for over 12 years. With my knowledge & research I decided to start "Running With The Wolves" for the

soul purpose of fund raising for Wolf sanctuaries across the United States. With the help & support of my niece Theresa, we

created Long Island's 1st Wolf Expo in August 2004, with live Wolves & their handlers. It now has been established as a annual

L.I. event each year in August. "Running With The Wolves" is a vessel for all Wolf Sanctuaries we support in the United States,

we bring them together once a year for educational programs & to promote the work that they do.

"Running With The Wolves" donates over $3,000 from each Wolf Expo, which is given to help feed & care for captive Wolves &

Wolfdog/Hybrids at many Wolf Sanctuaries.

Our 2nd passion is the love & care for all pets. I teach workshops on Pet 1st Aid-Safety/CPR for both adults & children

throughout the year. We are an advocate for pet rescue & adoption as well as spayed & neuter of all pets. Most importantly I

teach a workshop on Pet Emergency "What would we do if we had a "Katrina" event on Long Island? Where would we be able to bring

our Pets...What shelter is a PET FRIENDLY shelter...We believe that our four legged family members should be treated fairly in

times of need. (Please click onto Pet 1st Aid/CPR here or on our home page for up & coming workshops in you area.) In

closing...My Huskies, My Boxer & all my cats are a blessing to my family...
Everyday we count our Blessings...ONE PAW AT A TIME...
MISSION STATEMENT: "Running With The Wolves" is dedicated to the protection of our Wolves in Alaska & the lower 48 states. We

focus on Wolves & other Wildlife as well.

We accomplish our mission through our efforts of networking with other Wolf Sanctuaries & organizations to bring Wolf information

& awareness to the public. Through our unique Wolf Workshops & Seminars, as well as Special Events & Howl-ins, we can teach of the

importance Wolves play in our ecosystem & the important matter of Re-introduction of our Wolves in the wild. We will bring you

the most up to date Wolf News throughout the year...Enjoy visiting with us & Many HOWLS....


GOALS: Our long term commitment to everyone who loves & admires all Wolves, is to establish Long Island's 1st Wolf center &

Wildlife Exhibit.


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