Vendor & Reader applications
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Registration for Vendor Tables Registration Information:

Wall Tables
8 foot Long by 3 foot wide Wall-Tables:

Center Isle Tables
8 foot Long by 3 foot wide Center Isle-Tables:

 Half-tables for tarot readers:

 email us for an application.

Tables are offered on a first come first serve basis.
Due to the length and success of our event, we first offer our regular previous vendors and readers first opportunity before releasing new vendor-reader openings to new businesses-readers. Without our wonderful vendors who have been with us from the start, this event wouldnt be such a huge success!
Early bird savings is given first to our regular vendors, before openings are released to new comers.

Table and Vendor Registration are non-transferable or refundable. It is the sole responsibility and obligation of all vendors, tarot readers, and psychics to attend on this given date, time and location of this festival. We reserve the right to revoke registration at anytime if situations warrant. We reserve the right to refuse entrance at our discretion.

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